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About Katie and a Port Jervis NY Restaurant

My mission when I had my kids was to try and expose them to all the different kinds of foods that were available to me growing up in Manhattan.  I always wanted them to be able to fall back on healthy foods by creating good food habits early.  I also knew I didn’t want them to be “picky” eaters.   I wanted them to be adventurous and unafraid of ingredients unfamiliar to them.  A love of feeding my family home-cooked meals was born almost instantly.  I experimented with all kinds of dishes and techniques.  Having three small children at one time, I found myself “in the weeds” almost constantly, falling far short of those moms who can do it all.  I couldn’t get far enough ahead to have the house clean, the kiddos bathed, and dinner on the table by the time my husband got home from work as I wanted to.  I would have to ask him to pick up food in order to help juggle the kid’s schedules and the endless list of tasks I needed to accomplish in a day, plus hold down a job 100 miles from my home.  I had to be over-prepared if on the nights I was working I didn’t want my kids just eating junk.  So, I learned to cook meals ahead and prep their lunches to avoid them eating cafeteria food.  I also started doing this after time for some of my friends’ families.  The idea was born from there that maybe I could do this for other over busy moms and take some of the all too familiar stress away. 


My husband promised to support my dream as it was developing with the condition that I attend culinary school and gain all the knowledge possible about venturing into this kind of business.  I graduated in 2019 with honors and have decided that as my kids are growing, I want my focus to be on helping those families and busy people that are forced to pick up take out to feed themselves.  If the nature of the beast is that a person or family just can not find the time to have dinner on the table at a reasonable time, Id like to make dinner for them.  I’m a mom who has been there, mindful of ingredients who is overjoyed to help take one task off the plate of any busy person.  So we opened Katery To Go in Port Jervis NY.  A Port Jervis Restaurant that provides service for Matamoras PA, Milford PA, Montague NJ, and the surrounding area.

Orange County NY, Pike County PA, Sussex County NJ, Sullivan County NY residence have visiting our Port Jervis Restaurant location.  Hearing the positive reviews has been so rewarding. 


Thank you for bringing Katery To Go into your home.

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