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It’s time to bring back the tradition of gathering around the dinner table.

If your life is anything like ours, then dinner time is…well…shall we say…CHAOTIC (though nightmarish, stressful, and tumultuous came to mind as well).  It's a hard time of the day – everyone is hungry, tired from a long day, and in a rush to quickly get things done before bedtime.

It's also often a time filled with sports, homework, and bustling from one activity to another. BUT… As crazy as dinner time can be, I am a firm believer that a happy family is formed at the dinner table with good food.

Family Dinner


Conversation Starters

Dinnertime can be the perfect time to talk with your family.  With work, school and all of the other activities families have going on, it is often the only time they have quality time together to communicate.  After a long day, you may find your family doesn’t have much to say at the dinner table. 


Katie would like to help you out with a list of 50 Dinner Conversation Starters! 

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